Our Human Capital

Our primary asset is our human capital.
We count with well over a century of specialised knowledge to which our clients have direct access through our partners and senior associates, and are the knowledge vault of Millennium.

Our corporate structure is mobile and adaptable according to best value for our clients. Besides our “home” knowledge vault we have agreements with a number of corporate entities and experts around the world, forming thus a web of knowledge possibilities.


Alan Hooper has a BSc in Organic Chemistry from Leeds University (UK); an MSc Diploma in Management Science from the University of Edinburgh (UK); and an MBA from Harvard Business School (USA). He co-founded a Canadian agribusiness and development consultancy; he worked in senior positions for the world’s largest beef company (IBP Inc.), and worldwide for the International Finance Corporation (World Bank). Since 1992 he has been based in South Africa and worked as a consultant in over 40 African countries as well as in Asia and Latin America. His main area of focus is privatisation advisories and telecommunications infrastructure projects.

Daniel Espitia is a professional Development Economist, with over 24 years professional experience in more than 33 countries worldwide. He specialises in public sector reform processes, particularly in universal access to information and communications in developing countries, organisational development, policy and regulatory strategy. Mr. Espitia has published numerous articles, papers and is co-author of "An Information Policy Handbook for Southern Africa - A Knowledge Base for Decision-Makers." © 2009. Mr. Espitia is a leadership excellence coach with international NLP accreditation.

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